Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nothing to report!

We're still waiting to hear the final outcome of my interview in Los Angeles, last Tuesday. I don't feel as upbeat today as I did at the time, but have to remain hopeful that I will still get the position. Folks at the Braille Institute couldn't have been nicer and I'd love the chance.

Almost exactly thirty years ago I was attending the 1976 San Diego Comicon, so it was weird being out there and not having a chance to check it out. Our flight was on Saturday, so it would have been impossible to even head down for the annual Capa-Alpha Breakfast. Fingers crossed I'll be able to attend next year. It would be great to see Jeff, Rich, Dwight, Bill and Bob, as well as any other former & current K-a members.

I can't wait to read the blogs and see the photos of folks who did have the oppotunity. Anybody with links to that let me know and I'll post the links here. If you click on the headline above you'll get the "official" site page and see what you may have missed.
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