Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not on my reading list

I thought it was safe to begin reading some of the books which have been sitting on my bookcase for the past few months. As I mentioned previously I have a couple of paperbacks that I was going to take along on the cruise (along with the latest issue of CBG). Naturally, when I got home last night I found a box sitting on the steps (Donna and I live on the second floor of her mother's two-family in Brooklyn).

Apparently the good folks over at the Joe Bob Briggs site still have enough confidence in my reviews to continue sending new books. There is still at least one review (possibly two, but I'm losing track at this point) which has yet to be posted so it seems time to load me down again.

The box contained six books, mostly published only last year. Four are hard covers and the other two mass market paperbacks, including the political novel by Barbara Boxer, A TIME TO RUN. As usual when I receive shipments like this I'll try to read them in order of publication so the reviews (when they eventually are posted) aren't totally out of date.

I'm finishing off the book DREAMING WAR by Gore Vidal, so I'll let you know what book I'll be taking along in the next day or two.

Four days until the cruise and counting every minute!
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