Friday, January 21, 2005

Roger Ebert

While I don't always agree with Roger Ebert's reviews I do appreciate the thought and wit he puts into each one. Even some films which you'd think he could simply ignore, he will spend time telling you just what it is that went wrong or those small things which actually went right in an otherwise forgettable film. That's one thing that I've always liked about Ebert, and equally his late former collegue, Gene Siskle.

Their movie review show was necessary viewing for years at Chez Chaput, especially in those times when I was trying to put together semi-literate commentary in the movie apa, CAPRA. They would quite often make me re-evaluate my own opinions on a particular film, or decide to take a chance on a director or project which I normally would have ignored.

I've put a link to Ebert's website over on the left and recommend you give it a try. Not only will you find Roger's comments on new releases, but also an archive of material on older films. Add to those his "Little Movie Glossary" and "The Answer Man" columns, plus essays & interviews, you'll discover yourself easily spending an hour or more clicking here or there.

In my opinion, Roger is harsher on some genre films than he should be, but he's rarely seen a foreign film that he didn't absolutely love. Still he's probably one of the best reviewers you find on line or in print.
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