Friday, December 10, 2004

Lone Ranger on the Web

Courtesy of the fine folks at Endeavor Comics, I've added a link to their Lone Ranger website. It has some nice stuff (including a bit of the William Tell Overture & photos), plus further links to other LR sites.

It would be impossible to have grown up, as I did, in the mid-1950s and not been aware of the television show featuring Clayton Moore as the Ranger. He along with Roy, Gene and Hoppalong Cassidy helped form my earliest TV viewing habits. When I began reading the comics strips in the various newspapers to which my parents subscribed, it was also natural to immediately begin following the adventures of the Ranger and his Indian companion. Once I started buying comicbooks the LR titles from Dell were among the first non-funny animal comics I read. It was only later that I began to take an interest in the super-hero books.

There is something noble about the Ranger, his selfless struggle to bring justice to a lawless era. Like Batman, when he was closer to his roots, the Ranger began as someone seeking to bring to justice those who had destroyed his earlier life. Witnessing the murder of his brother and fellow Texas Rangers, the youngest Reed sibling vows to defend law abiding citizens against those who oppress them. Check out the "Lone Ranger's Creed" to see where the Ranger is coming from.

Via the Largent's page you'll find links to other sites (including the Old Corral) dedicated not only to the Lone Ranger, but to other fictional western heroes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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