Monday, December 13, 2004

Elbow Creek Magazine

ELBOW CREEK MAGAZINE was an attempt to produce an online magazine which made available (free of charge) articles, poems and fiction about the American west. Sadly, it only was able to complete five issues before the realities of Internet publishing (we assume, since the last issue was obviously not scheduled to be the final one, so no explanation is given) brought the venture to a close.

I have to give Thomas A. Rice (who signed the editorial page) and his cohorts credit for a very nice try. The material they produced is very good and it would have been interesting to see where they would have gone if allowed to continue.

One of the things they were attempting was the creation of a 'shared universe' centered around the fictional Elbow Creek, CO. It was their hope that a number of writers would populate this town with characters and give it a history upon which others could build. There are only three stories which take place there at the magazines closing, two of which were written by Rice himself.

Even though there are only a few samples over on the website, I thought it was important enough to add a link to it so other fans of this literature might take a look.

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