Saturday, March 26, 2011

A few comments on comics and other stuff

Man, it seems as if I can't keep reading comics even if I want to. Am I being too picky in my choices or too cheap? (Don't answer that!)

With DC ending both the Red Circle (former Archie heroes) and the First Wave (Doc Savage, Spirit, First Wave)titles I'm down to about a half dozen regular titles and a few mini-series. Only one of them, Stan Sakai's USAGI YOJIMBO, have I been collecting for more than a couple of years, just picking up #135 which is the 100th issue of that book I own, in addition to some TPB collections as I to fill in the rest of the run. I started reading THE WALKING DEAD with #50, going back to buy all the previous TPBs. The various DOCTOR WHO series (classic and current) from IDW I have been reading since they started, along with the Mike Mignola titles from Dark Horse (Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnson, Witchfinder, etc.).

I gave up on DC about eight issues into BRIGHTEST DAY and MARVEL (with the exception of Secret Warriors) less than a half dozen issues into the Heroic Age. Have to be honest that I really don't find myself missing either and if Secret Warriors ends anytime soon that will do it for the big two. I am still buying and recommend AMERICAN VAMPIRE from Vertigo, so I guess you could count that as a DC book. Sadly, I'm still a sucker (pardon the expression) for the various MARVEL ZOMBIE series & one-shots, so I just got MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME in my weekly shipment. To show you how often I go to Nuclear Comics, I got both the first & second issues of MZS just yesterday.

Before I wrap this up let me also recommend RED VS BLUE (RvB) from Rooster Teeth. The series of 'mechanime' shorts were collected and my old shipmate Jeff was kind enough to send me a 3-DVD collection. Basically, the guys at Rooster Teeth have taken clips/captures from various HALO games and re-dubbed them. Sort of like Woody Allen's WHAT'S UP, TIGER LILLY for RPG geeks. I talk about it a bit more over on YouTube if you look for my SACHAPUT50 channel over there.

Sorry that it has been so long since dropping in here, but I spend all my time on Facebook & Twitter, so I've learned to rant in under 140 characters or less. Blogging seems almost like a term paper now!
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