Saturday, January 29, 2011

J.P. Morgan - R.I.P.

I was saddened earlier today to find that J.P. Morgan had passed away on Dec. 30th. I first became aware of him when he was doing cartoons for various zines, including INSIDE JOKE, produced by Elayne Wechsler (now Riggs), back in the '80s.

While J.P. did other comics, it was his character FISSION CHICKEN for which he became best known. FC, known as The Chicken of Wrath, used his powers (including flight, power blasts & super-strength) to fight various evil creatures (human & alien). Most were J.P.'s satirical takes on modern commercialism and mega-corporations. While he might have been one of the good guys, FC had a pretty short-fuse and he would just as soon hit something as try to think his way through any given situation.

J.P. was one of the good guys and I'm sorry to say that I lost touch with him years ago. I kept meaning to drop him an e-mail or comment on the on-going Fission Chicken webcomic, but I always figured there would be time. Another example of why we should stay in touch and tell your friends you are still there. It doesn't take long to drop them a short e-mail or pick up the phone and chat for a few minutes. With J.P. I just won't have that opportunity.

For the rest of you, just know that I do think of you.
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