Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is he still here?

Yes! In point of fact, I am still here, but not posting much at all. Well, except for the occasional videos from YouTube, as you can see in this morning's post. To be honest, that's about the only time I even remember that I have a blog, or rather two. Hell, I'm actually supposed to be posting to a third, but I don't think I've even read that one for almost a year.

I'm still enjoying, for the most part the main BLACKEST NIGHT titles & cross-overs at DC. Depending on how this all wraps up I will probably keep getting the Green Lantern titles, but I'm unsure about some of the others. I already dropped JSA and the current JLA book is borderline. That has more to do with the bad scheduling of JL: Cry for Justice, where things were given away in the regular JLA book before the final issue of the mini-series hit the stands. DC has also ticked me off with Flash, since it was difficult to keep track of the character (or characters, since there are several) in three different books (Rebirth, Blackest Night & his own title). Might pick up the first issue with Barry, but not sure how long I'll care.

I know that when the current Norman Osborne plot line finally wraps up, hopefully with the end of Siege, I'm going to be dropping a number of Marvel titles. Don't want to toss in some Spoiler Alerts, but it seems apparent where this is going at this point. I haven't liked the character Sentry from his introduction and retro shoehorning into MU continuity. Bad enough a Superman-level hero we didn't know about, and now it looks like he is going to be the focus of the next 'event'. Time to bail!

Speaking of Marvel, it appears they finally remembered that they were publishing a mini-series called The Twelve at some point. Imagine my surprise, after months of nothing to discover something called The Twelve: Spearhead. Nice retro story of the group of heroes back in WWII before they were captured and put into suspended animation. The icing on the cake being a reproduction in the back of the cover of THE TWELVE #9, with the information that it will be "coming soon". Well, how informative is that? Bet the pre-orders on that will be just through the roof, huh? ***sigh***

Maybe have mentioned this before, but I'm going through the dozen or so episodes of DOCTOR WHO that I recorded when BBC America did a marathon over the holidays. I'd already seen some of the David Tennant episodes, but it's great seeing them in order. Rose to Martha to Donna and the final confrontations with The Master. Man, it is going to be hard for the new Doctor to live up to these shows. I also read online that Tom Baker (my first & favorite Doctor) will be returning to the character via original audiobooks soon. Way cool!

That's it for now, at least until I get reved up enough to bitch about something else.
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