Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comics and other stuff (I rant a bit)

Let's do this really quick, since there are other things I need to get done.

I'm still, for the most part, enjoying the DARKEST NIGHT titles that I'm reading. On the other hand, I'm a little ticked off that the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA book seems to have jumped ahead of both the DN titles and the last issue of the CRY FOR JUSTICE mini. The first few pages of JLoA give away the ending the mini and gives a hint (during the story and the final page) of the fate of some of those involved in DN. I'll admit that the guy at Nuclear warned me about this when I picked up the book, but it still bothered me. I mean why would I need to read the remaining books in either series if I already know what the outcome will be?

Over at Marvel, "Darkest Reign" seems to have given way to SIEGE, which will probably end with Norman Osborn losing his current legit status in the government. It's apparent that he'll give in to his Green Goblin persona pretty soon, as well. I think I'm in the majority here wishing that this whole thing would wrap up so the individual titles can move on.

I've been reading the various PROJECT SUPERPOWERS titles from Dynamite, but wonder for how much longer. I'm starting to get the feeling that the main storyline is open-ended and will just continue for some indefinite period. If there doesn't appear to be some kind of resolution in the next six months I think I'm going to cut the books from my 'pull list' and see if anybody wants to buy them. The writing and art are excellent but I need to know that this isn't just going to drag on for another year.

With all the death, maiming and destruction going on at the Big Two and in the PS series, it's interesting that the book that was the most positive was Robert Kirkman's WALKING DEAD. A couple of panels of zombies being dispatched, in the background, but mostly the characters coming to grips with a possible safe haven. WD remains one of my favorite titles.

Finally, anybody buying IMAGE UNITED care to let me know if you are following this at all? Maybe because I don't generally read any of the Image super-hero books the whole thing confuses me, but I'm sure there must be somebody who can clue me in.
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