Monday, October 26, 2009

Remote Viewing - LOST TAPES on Animal Planet

Since the ALCS was only mildly interesting last night...cough.... I was surfing the cable stations for something before the shows we normally watch were on. Just out of curiosity I decided to check out Animal Planet where I found they had some show called LOST TAPES, of which I was unfamiliar. Whoa! Not what I had expected on AP at all!

I guess I thought the show was about material from animal/wildlife documentaries which had been unseen for some reason. What I discovered was that the program's premise is that there are actual creatures of legend roaming about (vampires, werewolves, etc.) of which video and film footage exists. The footage has been repressed by the 'authorities' to prevent panic. The two episodes I watched last night dealt with the hunt for a 'serial killer' who turned out to be a werewolf and the discovery of a vampire leaving in a home just purchased by a family. The 'tapes' of the events are intercut with interviews with the people involved and "experts" on cryptozoology and paranormal creatures.

The show has a website (link above), where you read more about the show, watch entire episodes and discuss them with other viewers/fans. Since I just found both the site and show I haven't had much of a chance to do more than skim a bit, but it does look like a lot of fun.

Major disclaimer: I do not believe in the existence of any of these creatures. I do not believe in the paranormal. I certainly don't 'buy' some of the things that folks report and discuss in the forums, since a few really do believe in some of 'urban legends' and creatures in the series. I love being scared and love monsters. I take everything in the series with several tablespoons of salt, but can still enjoy it for what it is. Much like I am interested in seeing the movie "Paranormal Activity" but certainly don't believe that that film is anymore than a well-done independent film with special effects.
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