Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nothing to fear but FEARNET itself!

You would think that during the holiday season I would shy away from gore & bloodshed, but you’d be wrong wouldn’t you? Donna had to work on Monday morning, so what better time to get my bit of holiday horror?

Naturally, having FearNet ‘On Demand’ from Cox makes things like that pretty darn easy. I debated watching one of the longer movies, but figured that I’d catch some of the trailers and short films that they have instead. Of the half dozen I watched there are a few I wanted to mention, if not recommend.

The Deadening: What happens after a zombie has bitten you? How do you spend the next few hours waiting for the inevitable change? There are some amusing moments, but also a sense of sadness as the victim realizes what will be happening to him.

Damnation: I can only recommend this if you really want to be creeped out and shocked. A doctor becomes infected by a disease and allows his knowledge to push him into madness. As things grow worse and more depraved his son becomes witness. How will this in turn damn him? I put this up there with ERASERHEAD and HENRY: Portrait of a Serial Killer as films I could do without ever watching again.

Antebody: Seems to be a straightforward police procedural but quickly turns into something different. When a body is discovered and identified, a man and wife find their lives changed. Can you escape your fate?

The Butcher: Your typical serial killer/girl in peril short, that goes by the numbers, including the ‘shock’ ending. The gore is over the top but nothing else to recommend it. This was probably the most disappointing of the shorts I’ve seen so far.

There were a couple of others the names of which I can’t recall. One short deals with two hit men who discover the young boy they are hired to kill is more than he seems. Another about how you might not want to catch one of those cute little fairies after all. There were also a few that were felt like they were from student film makers trying to do a ‘horror’ movie as their end of term project. If you remember the show PROJECT BLUE LIGHT you’ll know what I mean.
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